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Diseases and War Calamities Fall on Sudaneses

Report – Sudan Events- Nawal Shanan

Diseases and war have taken their toll on the Sudanese people. Since the outbreak of the damned war in mid-April in Khartoum State and a number of states in the west of the country, various epidemics have continued, whether related to children, stopping routine vaccinations and campaigns.
9 states record cases of dengue fever
According to the latest statistics issued by the Federal Ministry of Health and obtained by Sudan Events the most prominent epidemic diseases include dengue fever, acute watery diarrhea (cholera), and measles, in the period from April 15 to October 20. The total number reported cases of dengue fever is 3,414 cases. Including deaths, 38 cases. These cases were registered from 9 states compared to 13 states last year. Gedaref state had the biggest share of cases, 2,231 cases, due to the high density of mosquitoes and the lack of herd immunity, followed by North Kordofan, 490 cases, North Darfur, 286 cases, Kassala, 206 cases. Al Jazeera 145 cases, South Kordofan 34 cases, Red Sea 17 cases, West Kordofan 4 cases and finally the Blue Nile one case.

Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, previously confirmed to Sudan Event that the supply situation is stable in all states (intravenous solutions and pendulum tubes), while a number of states organized campaigns to spray Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) to combat it.
Cholera in 4 states
Regarding acute watery diarrhea (cholera), the reported cases was 1,617 suspected cases, including 64 deaths, from 4 states. Gedaref State was also the highest in recording cases, 744 cases, then South Kordofan, 400 cases, Khartoum, 256 cases, and Gezira 217 cases.

Emergence of German measles

As we said previously, the war caused the cessation of routine vaccination campaigns for childhood diseases, as well as the campaigns that were organized in the country, and this in turn led to the emergence of measles disease, as well as the recording of German measles infections. The total number of cases that were reported was 4,166 cases of measles, including 101 deaths, from 11 states, and most of them These infections were in White Nile State, 3,095 cases, Kassala, 290 cases.
Blue Nile 270 cases, Gezira 212 cases, North Darfur 104 cases, Red Sea 87 cases, Gedaref 59 cases, Nile River 37 cases,
Khartoum has 8 cases, finally Sennar has 3 cases, and one case in West Kordofan, and therefore 9 states will witness a campaign against measles and German measles next November.
WHO and UNICEF warned that 10,000 children would die at the end of this year if more shelling occurs and health and nutrition services are disrupted.
The effects of the war did not stop at the emergence of epidemics, but rather extended to health facilities, that witnessed burning, breaking, looting, and occupation by the militia. Most of the facilities became out of service in Khartoum as well as in some states.

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