Athar Al-Taher Reveals Details of Al-Hilal Complaint

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Today, Sunday, the player, Athar Al-Taher, revealed the details of the complaint submitted by his agent to find out his ambiguous position with the Sudanese club Al-Hilal.

The suspended commander of Al-Hilal Omdurman confirmed in a post on his personal page on the social media platform, Facebook, today, that during the last period he and his family endured a lot of abuse, and that he endured more than he could bear, and despite that, he was patient.

Athar added, “The management of Al-Hilal Club contacted me after completing the national team’s dues to head from Morocco towards Cairo and informed me that the coach does not need my services in the two Sfaxien matches during the Arab Championship qualifiers.

Al-Taher indicated that he lived in a state of uncertainty and kept waiting for the team in Egypt, where they assured him that there would be a camp that would be held in Cairo in preparation for the African Championship. During that time, the players’ registration period was open, and when the camp continued in Tunisia, on the last day, before the closing of the transfer window, and after thanking a number of teammates on the team, he contacted the mission to find out his fate and the answer was that he would be informed after returning to the Board of Directors, and after that no one contacted him.

According to the post, Athar said: Two months later, my agent contacted the club management after returning to me, and spoke to them about the necessity of sitting with me and told them that there are rights for the player and the club and that such matters cannot be settled over the phone.”

Al-Hilal captain added, “After that, my agent filed a complaint with the Sudanese Football Association to know my position with the club, demanding only an advance on my contract during the season I spent with the team.”

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