Senior of Suki Farmers Accuses the Government on obstructing Agriculture

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Head of the initiative to rehabilitate Suki Agricultural scheme ,chairperson of the specialized organization Mahla Wadtuk, Amrashim Bahr, criticised the government strongly and blamed it for the problems of the agricultural sector in Sudan.

Hashim gave many of justifications, including problems of delayed financing and obstruction of organizing the ranks of farmers.

He criticised the government’s failure to address the timely of financing and involving brokers and intermediaries in the financing process.

The financing profits are high, and don’t not cover the minimum demand.

In press statements, Hashem suggested solutions to the sector’s problems dependent on the seriousness of the state and strong intervention, stressing the clash of the state’s policies towards microfinance according to view points of bank managers (sub-managers) and investment officials, that they ignore the decisions and surround them like a snake with its worst prey. The issue is when removing stubbornness, arbitrariness, and circumvention of the bank sub-managers.

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