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RSF Tests SAF in Al Fasher with a “march” , defenses confront , shoot it down, to the upcoming Target

Report Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

Al-Fasher city capital of North Darfur state in western Sudan – 800 km west of the capital, Khartoum, has witnessed a status of cautious anticipation since the RSF militia invaded Zalingei city on Tuesday morning and captured headquarters Infantry Division 21 SAF.

Isolation and interruption of Internet services

Al Fasher has been isolated since midday of today due to the lack of communications network and Internet service in the city.
Military sources reported to “Sudan Events “ about the RSF militia’s attempt to test the defenses of the 6th Infantry Division – Al Fasher, by despatching a drone on Tuesday to attack the city so that the SAF “s defenses could confronted it – shoot it down. A status of tension now prevails in the region amid intense preparations by the SAF to confront any expected attack.

A City of Privacy

The city is crowded with huge IDPs in shelter centers, addition to that an entry point for humanitarian aid and other materials to the Darfur region, coming to it from eastern and northern Sudan, under heavy guard from the joint force of armed struggle movements, thatis responsible for securing the aid.

joint force will not participate in the battle

The joint force of the armed struggle movements that signed Juba Peace Agreement avoids entering into these confrontations, according to previous press statements by the force’s official spokesperson Maj. Ahmed Hussein Mustafa, who said, “We do not want to enter into the war. If we become a part , there will be no Sudan and the country will be dragged into undesirable consequences.”
The force says that it recently evacuated about 350 civilians from Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state, to Al Fasher in North Darfur state, after clashes continued between the army and the RSF in South Darfur.
Added in a previous statement, “Following the intensification of the clashes and the increasing many casualties amid civilians in Nyala, it decided to evacuate civilians to safe areas outside the vicinity of the clashes.” It indicated that it was capable to evacuate many civilians in batches, taking into consideration the density of the explosive shells, as evacuations took place to the Labado and Muhajiriya areas. And Ladoub, East Darfur State, provided that they will be delivered to the city of Al Fasher, North Darfur State, through the joint force of the armed struggle movements.

Geneina displacement cases

Meanwhile, Geneina city
In of West Darfur state – about 1,200 kilometers from Khartoum witnessed massive displacement and flight of residents today followed information was received and passed on amid residents indicating the arrival of RSF Zalingei city to attack the headquarters of the “15” Division, known as – Erdemta – of the SAF aims to overthrow and control it.

Bad history of violations

Since the start of the armed conflict in Sudan between the SAF and the RSF on April 15, the RSF and allied militias with an Arab majority have launched repeated attacks on towns and villages in West Darfur state. These attacks mainly targeted areas inhabited by the Masalit, one of the non-Arab population groups. Home It caused the death and injury of many civilians, and forced more than 366 thousand people to flee to Chad.
While the governor of the state at the time, Khamis Abkar, was killed, which prompted the United Nations to call for accountability for the killers of the governor of West Darfur, and said that the RSF that were detaining him were responsible for his safety.

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