Energy and Oil Minister Confirms Continuing Efforts to Resume Work in Oil Fields 

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Minister of Energy and Oil, Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud, confirmed continued efforts to resume work at Balila oil field in Block 6 in West Kordofan State, and the Block 4 fields in Neem, Kanar and Defra.

The Minister explained that these efforts are being carried out in coordination between the Ministry of Energy and Oil, the management of Petroenergy Limited Company, the government of West Kordofan state, the regular forces, and the civil administration.

He added that the management of Petroenergy and 2B Opco, and the service companies will continue to make all necessary administrative and technical arrangements to maintain the safety of workers and oil facilities.

The Minister appreciated the efforts of the senior management of the two companies, the service companies, and the workers, who continued to work within these situations for the sake of the nation and to preserve its national wealth of oil and its infrastructure. The Minister also saluted the efforts of the Native Administration in West Kordofan State, its solid stance in protecting workers and facilities, and its keenness to return to work in a way that benefits the country and the oil production areas.

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