Efforts to Open Gold Trading Market in Northern State 

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Acting Minister of Finance and Manpower , Northern State, Deputy head of Committee for the preparations to open gold market , Abdullah Mohamed Osman, stressed that the efforts of the Committee at a steady pace to open gold market in the northern state, pointing out after the meeting of the Committee with the delegation of the Sudanese Minerals Resources SMRC headed by Dr. Nizar Abdo Sayed Makkawi, that the work is carried out in accordance with engineering controls with the benefit of the experience of gold architecture in Khartoum.

Abdullah revealed the development of controls to regulate the activity in the markets and direct the product to the unified channel and attract capital and investors in the gold trading market, pointing out to tight coordination with localities, regular agencies and government institutions with regard to the establishment and conduct of the work of gold architecture and the transfer of calibration laboratories from mining markets to the site of the headquarters of the architecture in the northern state.

The head of the delegation of the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources, Dr. Nizar Makkawi, stressed the importance of the gold market in tightening and controlling the quantities of gold produced in the northern state and increasing the proceeds of exports to the state, pointing out that the opening of the gold market contributes to the supply operations in order to benefit the citizen and the state and support the national economy.

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