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The Sudanese Crisis…Hopes for Solution Collides with Mlitary Escalation

Sudan Events – Talal Ismail

Hopes of those who desire in peaceful solution to the Sudanese crisis regarding to Jeddah forum and efforts exerted by the African Union AU , IGAD and the European Union EU to stop the war.
These hopes colliding with the military escalation carried out by the dissolved RSF in Darfur region, that threatens Jeddah forum expected to reach an agreement to permanently stop hostilities.
In this concern, head of Umma Party, Mubarak Al-Fadil, calls on SAF Commander in Chief 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fatah Al-Burhan, to withdraw the army delegation from the negotiations.
Mubarak said on Thursday, tweeting on ( x) Twitter platform: “The setback that occurred in Nyala and Zalingei occurred because commandment negligence in supplying these garrisons with ammunition. The force with that Abdul Rahim Dagalo attacked Nyala, Zalingei and Balila were all mercenaries, including members of Boko Haram, who came from Chad.” ISIS came from Libya.”
He continued: “The Darfur tribes rejected Abdul Rahim’s apppeal for recruitment into RSF followed the fraction among them.
The mercenaries invaded the IDPs camps in Al -Fasher and Zalingei, killing, looting and raping, just as they invaded Nyala.”
He continued: “Al-Burhan must withdraw his delegation in Jeddah protest against these massacres and humanitarian violations, and focus on restoring Nyala and Zalingei and resolving the battle of Khartoum by landing the army and volunteers.”

Hamdok and Minawi…a comprehensive national project
For his part , Governor of Darfur Minni Arko Minawi said on Thursday, tweeting: “I had a meeting with the former Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok and Ambassador Omar Manis in Nairobi, the day before.
We discussed the way out of this crisis through a comprehensive national project that does not exclude anyone, a project that actually establishes the state.” that we all look for, we hope that ceasefire, and agreement will be our gateway to that.”
Last Sunday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the start of talks between the SAF and the RSFin Saudi city of Jeddah, that focus on delivering humanitarian aid, achieving a ceasefire, and building confidence, addition to the possibility of reaching a permanent cessation of hostilities.
Foreign Ministry added in its statement that “Saudi Arabia, USA, IGAD, the AU and the facilitators of the negotiation process, said that the negotiations will not address issues of a political nature
Sudanese dialogue
amid military escalation and attempts to end the war, the NMF led by Tijani Cissie said: “
In the context of efforts exerted by the NMF headed by Dr. Al-Tijani Sissi Mohamed, to resolve the political crisis, end the war, and address its affects on Sudan, a delegation from the Movement Forces met in London with the British envoy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa, where the meeting discussed the comprehensive national vision of the National Movement Forces to end the war and its commitment The Sudanese dialogue is Sudanese, which includes all Sudanese parts without excluding anyone.”
She pointed out that dialogue is a means of consensus, national reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence, as it is the guarantee for a founding phase to manage the transitional period, address the effects of war, rebuild and prepare the country for the phase of transition to democratic civil rule through free, direct, fair and transparent elections with national and international oversight.

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