New partnership between Esnad Initiative and Save the Children International Hi

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Dr. Essam Sharaf, former Egyptian Prime Minister and Chairperson of the Initiative to Support Sudanese Affected by the War in Egypt, witnessed the signing ceremony of the partnership between the initiative and Save the Children International.

The initiative of support was signed by Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, Vice President of the Initiative, while Matthieu Cabertier, Country Director of the Authority in Egypt, signed on behalf of the Authority.

The signing event and the accompanying meeting were attended by Dr. Al-Rashid Mohamed Hamza, Medical Advisor at the Sudanese Embassy in Cairo, Dr. Amira Al-Fadil, Secretary-General of the Initiative, Dr. Iman Shaaban, Director of Partnerships at Save the Children International in Egypt, and Dr. Tamer Soliman from the Medical Committee of Esnad Initiative.

Dr. Essam Sharaf, head of the initiative, said after the signing in media statements that this signing is considered a bright spot for a lofty goal that we all seek, through caring for children and their families, hoping that peace and security will prevail in Sudan and that its people will return safe and sound, indicating that the implementation of the agreement will begin immediately after the signing that was done today.

It is noteworthy that the partnership agreement includes health and educational aspects for children and their families, and it will begin implementing its activities in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Aswan, and Alexandria, and then circulate it later to the rest of the Egyptian governorates.

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