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Who Commissioned Al Burhan ? (1) Sudan’s Minister of Energy and Oil, who is he?

Report by – Talal Mudathir

The limited ministerial reshuffles made by the President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on the first of November 2023 AD ended the duties of Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud in energy and oil and assigned Dr. Mohieddin Naim to the tasks of the Ministry of Energy and Oil under very complex circumstances represented in the war that broke out in Sudan since mid-April and the attempts of the rebel militia to transfer the war to the hoarded oil fields in Kordofan, so who is this alternative official.

Son of the Foundation

Dr. Mohieldin Naim Mohamed Saeed is no stranger to the Oil Corporation, as he has been included in the energy and oil sector in Sudan for years, serving as Director General of Administrative Affairs and Director General of the Petroleum Training Center.

He received his Ph.D. in Public Administrative Law in 2007, a Master of Public Law in 2002, a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1994, and a Bachelor of Law in 1985.

From Director General to Minister

Until yesterday, Dr. Mohieddin held the position of Director General of the Oil Training Center, which he held from 2012 until the decision to appoint him as Minister of Energy and Oil. He also served as Advisor to the Minister of Oil from 2015 to 2016, and Director General of the Department of Energy Affairs from 2014 to 2015.

Canadian experience

He also held the position of Director General of Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Oil from 2003 to November 2012, and served as a certified evaluator for the Institutional Excellence System (EFQM) at the Abu Dhabi International Center for Organizational Excellence, a certified assessor at the Quality Center at Sudan University of Science and Technology, and a certified professional trainer from IHARD in Canada.

scientific researches

Dr. Mohieddin Naeem has a number of practical research, including excellence in leadership from the perspective of the European model, administrative excellence from effectiveness to peak performance, performance evaluation (contemporary methods in performance evaluation), effective leadership skills and the art of influence, and institutional excellence from the perspective of the European model EFQM.

His appointment as Minister of Energy and Oil represents an ideal opportunity to implement this thesis to get the ministry out of a bottleneck that leaves problems surrounding it on all sides.

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