South Kordufan Receives First Humanitarian Aid Convoy

Sudan Events – Talal Ismail

First humanitarian convoy arrived Kadugli in South Kordofan 6 months after the outbreak of the war.
The governor of South Kordofan state, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Karim, said in a press statement seen by Sudan Event: “The government of South Kordofan Kadugli received the first humanitarian aid convoy since the outbreak of the war in Khartoum for six months due to the closure of the national road linking Dilling, Kadugli and Obeid Dilling.”

He praised the efforts of the Supreme Committee in Port Sudan and the role of partners from UN organizations and agencies for their contribution to the delivery of humanitarian aid to those affected by the war and the displaced people of Qawa in Kadugli.

He pointed out that the contents of the convoy include 107 tons of food and 80 tons of life-saving medicines.
He added: “We appeal organizations at regional and international level to contribute and support the people of the state with more convoys.

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