UN 70% of sexual assaults in Darfur were committed by Rapid Support

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The spokesperson for the United Nations Human Rights Office, Elizabeth Throssell, said that they are deeply concerned about reports of women and girls being kidnapped and held in inhuman and degrading conditions similar to slavery in areas controlled by the Rapid Support Forces in Darfur.
She said that reports indicated that they were forcibly married and held for ransom.
The United Nations warned on Friday that the situation in the Darfur region, western Sudan, is getting worse day by day.
“Reliable information from survivors, witnesses and other sources indicates that more than 20 women and girls were kidnapped, but the number may be higher,” Elizabeth added.

“Some sources informed us of seeing women and girls chained in pickup trucks and cars.” The UN official continued.

She indicated that the Joint Office for Human Rights in Sudan had received reliable reports of more than 50 incidents of sexual violence related to the conflict, affecting at least 105 victims: 86 women, one man, and 18 children.

The spokesperson said that 23 of these incidents were related to rape, 26 were gang rapes and three were attempted rapes.

She pointed out that no less than 70% of confirmed incidents of sexual violence recorded were attributed to men in the uniform of the Rapid Support Forces.

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