SAF: Our Forces Repelled An attack On The Armoured Corps

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

Sudanese army said that it repelled an attack on Sunday on the Armored Corps – one of the Sudanese army’s weapons south of Khartoum – and was able to inflict heavy losses on the Rapid Support militia in lives and vehicles.
The attack coincided with an artillery bombardment carried out by militia forces towards the Army General Command in central Khartoum and neighboring residential neighborhoods, which led to the destruction of homes in the areas of Burri and Nasser Extension, accompanied by an artillery bombardment also at the same time by the Corps of Engineers in Omdurman.
In the city of East Nile, reconnaissance aircraft were seen flying overhead, while Sudanese army fighters bombed a fuel transport vehicle belonging to the militia in the “Al-Kabbashi” area, north of Bahri.
Video clips filmed by members of the Sudanese army showed mercenaries of Arab nationalities who participated in the attack on the armored corps and were killed by Sudanese army soldiers.
The fighting that broke out in Sudan between the Sudanese army and the rebel Rapid Support militia since mid-April has prompted more than 4.5 million people to flee their homes to other places inside Sudan, and nearly 1.2 million people are seeking refuge in neighboring countries, according to the United Nations Migration Agency.

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