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Sudanese Refugees in Egypt A burden on the Brothers or An addition?

Report: Sudan Events-Talal Mudathir

Displacement of millions Sudanese to Egypt with the outbreak of war in Sudan last mid of April raised many fears to the Egyptian bodies on the effects of this displacement on their burdened economy and the pressure on it. Differed views of those who supported their presence in the beginning . and other are rejected so how, could things go ?How could Sudanese refugees that fled from hell of war to Egypt? How could they coexist and adapt with the new situation? .. “Sudan Event” questions and investigates.

Wrong Estimations

Ahmed Ali, who is known as as “Poison,”the owner of “Palm Café” at the river Nile Street in Khartoum, told “Sudan Events” from Cairo, where he existed since the war , “Continuing in work means the inevitability of (survival)..This is what actually have done by the Sudanese who came to Egypt to escaping from war, leaving behind their work, money, and dreams. They came carrying what was lighter in weight and less value hoping to return home at least for a month.

Hope of Return is Oscillating

After the third month the hope of a quick return wavered and lack of funds became apparent, many people turned to find opportunities to provide income that would help them to survive in a country known for its strong competition and abundance of options. each according to his capital. Many families produced food or cosmetic consumables at home and adopted social media as advertising platforms. Some of those who had resonant commercial business in Khartoum reopened them in Cairo. Sudanese cafes, shops and restaurants abounded in the streets of Cairo, bringing together Sudanese searching for communication of the homeland, and they succeeded and high demand.

Bazars of Khartoum Flavour

Ahmed adds, pointing specific Sudanese movement, “I went to a Sudanese bazaar held in Nasr City in a very large park, and I was astonished by the attendees. There were more than two thousand people on the first day… and no less than 150 display tables crowded with purely Sudanese products, including perfumes, incense, food, and accessories.” All the participants were families, and you would find the mother and her daughters, the husband and his wife selling their produce… and in their eyes there was a longing for anything that smelled like home… The bazaar was commercially and socially successful.

Cultural Forums

Also, cultural forums (commercial parties) have begun to take hold in Cairo. I am talking here and talking to “Poison” about parties with an atmosphere that was known to the Sudanese in Khartoum.. Samira Donia.. Gamal Farfour.. Mazen Hamed.. They held commercial parties with a large number of the audience ..
All of these activities talk about striving and integrating into a completely new society, and they combine in their targeting of the Sudanese in Egypt. Successes may happen and failures may come, but what remains important is to strive in search of success, even if it is outside the country.

Contribution to boosting Egypt’s economy

Sami Ali Ibrahim Khamsini, a resident of the Al-Jarif West area in Khartoum who lived for long periods in Cairo, denies that the Sudanese there have formed a burden on the Egyptian economy. Rather, they have revived medium-sized economies, and capital owners who came from Sudan have added to them by investing in sectors such as the restaurants and shops sector, which has contributed In creating job opportunities for many of Sudanese and Egyptian nationalities.

An expert enumerates the effects

Economist Dr. Mohamed Barsi talks about the effects of the integration of Sudanese in Egypt into the Egyptian labor market and its impact on the economy. He says, “Trade represents one of the tools of economic growth that provides more job opportunities, and the trading of goods and products in different countries contributes to providing various products to consumers.” It also contributes to expanding countries’ markets

Migration of merchants

Dr. Percy points out that it is a no-brainer
There is no doubt that the war that broke out last April 15 in Sudan affected the Sudanese economy very greatly, as the state lost the factories, workshops, and production houses that the capital was filled with, which made the majority of Sudanese merchants migrate and become active in trade with the Arab Republic of Egypt, which migration and trade undoubtedly helped. The Egyptian economy

Aiding factors

View expert Dr. Muhammad said that there are positive factors for this displacement – the man does not prefer to use the word “exodus” because of his conviction that Egypt and Sudan are brothers.
It helped revive the Egyptian economy, such as:
* Increase in production and flexibility of movement of goods
* Job opportunities have increased in factories, workshops, and factories due to increasing demands
* Foreign currencies were introduced to the Egyptian market
Factories and workshops increased their production capabilities
The increasing demand for Egyptian goods and products has led to them not being stored and overcrowded in warehouses.

This is how the cycle of life goes on for the Sudanese people in Egypt, between restrictions on entry visas by the authorities and restrictions in the hope of reducing the influx of more of them, and the hell of war that forced them to flee in search of safety that has become dear and lost, and they are protected by wishes to return to their homeland to settle there without wars or wounds.

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