Understandings to Return (CNPC) to Work in Sudan

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VP of the TCS in Sudan, Malik Aqar, revealed that they reached understandings with the Chinese side to increase and expand Chinese investments in Sudan and increase oil production as well as investment in the field of renewable energy, that came during his visit to the Chinese capital, Beijing, in which he was accompanied by both Foreign Minister and Minister of Finance Jibril Ibrahim.

Aqar said on his Facebook page on Saturday evening that he met with the general manager of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), vice president of the China Petroleum Corporation and held talks for its return to Sudan and the resumption of its work again.

Adding that the meeting dealt with the experience of this institution during 28 years in Sudan and its establishment of a modern system for the oil industry in Sudan.

The two sides discussed the investment opportunities currently available in the safe states and the company’s continued support for training Sudanese in the field of oil and energy and the company’s job opportunities, noting that the general manager of the China National Oil Corporation confirmed their support for Sudan in its current plight.
Finance Minister Jibril Ibrahim announced that the Sudanese government has developed a new strategy to repay Chinese debt, which includes increasing investment in the oil sector.

Jibril revealed the imminent signing of a new agreement between the governments of Sudan and South Sudan on oil transit, especially since it is one of the issues that the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) attaches great importance to, stressing that the negotiations between the two countries are witnessing great progress, and the possibility of the company’s investment in the field of electric power and the readiness of the Ministry of Finance to embark on this project, especially since a large sector of the states of Sudan needs continuous and stable electricity supply.

The Director General of the China National Petroleum Corporation affirmed their desire and the desire of the Chinese government to continue economic cooperation, and to stand by the Sudanese people, which is evidenced by their continued support.

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