Pledges Addressing Mining Companies Problems in Sudan

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdulah 

On Monday, Mohamed Taher Omar assumed his duties as General Manager of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company SMRC

while addressing the handover ceremony, the Minister of Minerals, Mohamed Bashir Abu Namo, expected a qualitative shift in the progress of the company and the mining sector in the country. Abu Namo called for more coordination with the relevant authorities in the government sector, mining companies and investors. The Minister confirmed that the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company is one of the successful companies. It has a significant contribution to the overall economy of the country.

For his part, the Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, Mohamed Taher Omar, pledged to redouble efforts to confront all internal and external challenges and address them to achieve the company’s goals of increasing production and maximizing revenues, and announced harnessing efforts to implement policies

The state and the policies of the Ministry of Minerals, and promised a solution to all the problems facing mining companies and the traditional mining sector.

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