Umma Party Condemns RSF Crimes in Darfur

Khartoum – Sudan Events

The Umma Party, led by Mubarak Al-Fadil, condemned the violations of the RSF Militia and the crimes of ethnic cleansing in West Darfur State, especially
Systematic physical liquidations on an ethnic basis for the leaders of the native administration of the Masalit tribe.

The party considered in a statement, the militia’s continued practice of ethnic cleansing and continuous targeting in the face of Masalit people is a challenge and an infringement by the militia of the International Charter of Human Rights, and added: “This adds to its criminal record a new massacre and a new crime against humanity and a continuation of the war crimes committed by these militias in Darfur, Khartoum and Kordofan since the war on April 15.

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