SAF Shells Ammunition Depot, Destroys RSF Battalion 

Sudan Events -Talal Mudathir

The Sudanese army SAF shelled on Thursday a battalion of the RSF  militia on Industries Street in Khartoum North, killing dozens of the RSF militia and burning a number of military vehicles.
In Omdurman, sources reported that the army destroyed a warehouse used by the militia in Omdurman in a series of Attacks that the army began to implement since yesterday in the center of Omdurman, according to the official spokesman for the Sudanese army, Brigadier General Nabil Abdullah .

In Al-Thawra in Omdurman area , indiscriminate shelling by the RSF Militia on Thursday led to the fall of a shell in the outer courtyard of the “Nu Hospital” government – the only hospital operating there – wounding a woman and three young men, while an Ethiopian Women (a tea seller) was killed immediately by a direct hit by the shell.

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