Sudanese Coalition Reject Confidence-building Agreement between SAF and militia

Sudan Events – Talal Mudathir

Democratic Alliance for Social Justice called on the Sudanese army SAF not to implement any item ofJeddah talks, warning of consequences of losing support of millions of Sudanese people.
The official spokesman for the Democratic Alliance for Social Justice, Muhy AlDin Ibrahim, said in a press statement on Thursday that the confidence-building agreement between the SAF and militia will not meet the aspirations of the Sudanese people, especially those who supported the army in the battle of dignity.
They practiced violations against our people first
The coalition had demanded in a previous statement yesterday that the Jeddah negotiations end with the handover of the leaders of the Militia to the International Criminal Court for committing war crimes and massacres against humanity in Nyala and Khartoum and ethnic cleansing operations in El Geneina.
He warned that the end of the war without achieving these demands will never bring peace on the ground.

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