The Joint National Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies Holds A Meeting

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The Joint National Committee for Humanitarian Emergencies held its first meeting today, headed by a member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council TSC Lt. Gen. Marine Eng. Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, Chairperson of the Committee supervising ministries of the production sector (Thursday).

Graham Abdul Gadir, Acting Minister of Culture and Information, said in a press statement, “The meeting reviewed the decision to form the committee, its work methodology and mechanisms, and its efforts during the last period, addressing obstacles to the flow of goods to citizens, activating the work of the committee, and the importance of establishing a joint work center and assembling the technical equipment concerned with inspection and customs procedures at the port and airport. Its aims to facilitate procedures for all goods and materials imported from abroad.

He added that the meeting discussed the issue of procedures related to foreign work with regard to facilitating entry visas and taking the necessary measures, addressing procedures for entities that provide grants and humanitarian aid, reconciling vertical relations between the National Commission and the state commissions, and organizing the structural work of the Commission in a way that serves the interests of citizens.
He pointed out that the meeting stressed the need for coordination between shipping companies to speed up clearance and distribution operations, adding that the meeting discussed the role of the state in aid and relief for displaced Sudanese and refugees and the importance of the state playing its role in this aspect and reviewing the presence of foreign refugees in the country.

Abdel Gadir also said that the meeting decided to find a headquarters for the National Humanitarian Aid Commission, allocate a unified window, and activate the role of state commissions to achieve joint cooperation to support those affected by the war.

He said, “The Commission has been assigned to draw technical plans and committee structures to issue decisions for implementation, especially the structures that must operate around the clock. He pointed out that it was agreed to hold periodic meetings to identify achievements and obstacles to find appropriate solutions, and to urge national efforts to achieve national production in a way that helps address shortage in the areas of human service.

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