What did the President Say?

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Adil Al-baz

The conferees in Riyadh yesterday needed to hear the vocabularies of the speech of President Al-Burhan . The Saudi-Arab ,African Summit in Riyadh was the best platform in which the president could broadcast his speech

The president said in the opening of the speech (what is happening now in Darfur represents war crimes, where hundreds were killed every day with racial and ethnic motives, and African groups were displaced for the purpose of replacing them with populations from the diaspora of other countries, taking the weapon of physical liquidation, intimidation and terrorism as a means of that, the rebel leadership used mercenaries from Libya, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Chad, Mali, Niger, Central Africa and other countries of the world)

However, two topics were the hump of the speech and the essence of his message, which he carefully contained and propelled.


After the President present the important information about the war on the violations and crimes committed by the RSF , he said: “All this is happening and these terrorist groups find support unfortunately from some countries of the regional and international environment, which makes them partners in the tragedies and grave violations to which the Sudanese people were subjected

This is indeed a historical precedent for an armed force to rebel against a member state in all organizations and find support and assistance from the same African organizations, the countries of the Arab and African region, and that everyone refrains from condemning its atrocities, which amounted to genocide (Masalit), which is strange and uncharacteristic in the policies of international organizations.
What Sudan was exposed could be exposed to any other country ,If Africa and the countries of the Arab region allow the rebel militias of ethnic and tribal backgrounds to threaten the unity and stability of the countries, they may be destroyed and no one can stable in any of their countries.


The other issue is related to the demand of Africa and the Arab world for a clear position on the rebellion and violations (We demand from this rostrum that the practices of the rebel forces find condemnation, and denunciation, their barbaric forces and groups be classified as terrorist groups, all those who cooperate with them find the same condemnation and necessary.) The important reference here is that if the Arab and African countries are unable after all these clarifications and the crimes and violations taking place before their eyes, they are not worthy of mediation, if the mediator is not honest and able to uphold the values of truth and justice will not increase the Sudanese situation without a problem.


Now we are waiting for what this summit will do and what will say in its final statement, if it continues its prevarication and blatant support for the rebels, Sudan must have another affair and fight the holy bayonet itself and be completely not wait of any support , but only the support of its people rallying around the army, so that the summit countries be ready to drink from the same cup one day.

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