Militia.. destroys Shambat bridge

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Mohamed Wada’allah

The army’s control over Thawrat and (Ompdat) and its advance in the north and west of Omdurman lost its bridge military value
The destruction of the militia of the bridge is a full-fledged war crime
Difficult days await the rebel militia, whether it stays or flees
The army was able to destroy the largest Shambat and any other bridge since the beginning of the war on April 15, although the bridge represents a strategic value to the RSF, and it was a way of mobilization and panic, it is the main if not the only way for military and logistical supplies coming from the Emirates through Chad from Umm Jaras airport, and from Libya, the militia benefited from it and caused the maintenance of its supplies of weapons and Ammunition and was a gap between Karari and AlMuhandseenn( Engineers) caused harm and cut off the road to military movements, however, the army did not resort to bombing and destroying the bridge throughout the last period based on its law and military doctrine in preserving capabilities of the country, instead the army was forced to cancel the military value of the bridge by adopting alternative plans to control Al thawra and (Umm Badah ) and north and west of Omdurman to cut off the bridge .
After the rebel militia was besieged and realized that it was time for the army to take over the major one, so it deliberately blew up the major and destroyed it, especially since the method of panic caused the extermination of significant numbers of militia fighters and mercenaries, and that panic no longer comes with panic, which undoubtedly thought that the army needed to use the bridge to move officers and machineries missed that the SAF since the beginning of the war divided the capital into three Military zones, and each region maintains a reserve of forces in full equipment.

The SAF can move troops from one place to another using helicopters and it does not need to,
The destruction of the militia of the bridge Shambat came to confirm that it is breathing its last, and since it started a fire in the refinery of Al-Jelly, acting recklessly and madly, the hatred reached the point that it deliberately destroys the infrastructure, and continues to commit crimes and violations in Darfur, and it may not realize that these crimes do not fall within the statute of limitations and will be punished, and will prosecute everyone who committed a war crime and outside the borders if necessary ,
With this blind criminal act, the militia has blocked the road on itself, and will reap the results of this heinous act, satellite images and the results of the investigation into the method of explosion will show unquestionable evidence condemning this criminal gang,
will cost the militia a lot, and perhaps theSAF is able to work and benefit from it, and it will undoubtedly modify its plans in line with the new situation, if not take into consideration and the days will prove that the militia originally planned to hinder the return of citizens to Khartoum, especially volunteers .

Difficult days is waiting for you criminals, whether you stay or flee, and the eyes of the cowards do not sleep,
November 11, 2023.

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