EU Condemns Violence of RSF Militia in Darfur

Sudan Events – Sumaya Sayed 

The European Union EU condemned on Sunday the escalation of violence in Darfur region, western Sudan, warning of the danger of “another genocide” similar to the conflict that occurred there between 2003 and 2008, which led to the killing of about 300,000 people and the displacement of more than two million people.

The High Representative of the European Union, Joseph Borrell, referred to the crimes of ethnic cleansing taking place in “Ardemta” area in the city of El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur State, where the ( RSF) militia and the Arab militias allied with it launched a massive attack against the “Masalit” ethnicity – the major tribe in El Geneina, he said: : “These latest atrocities appear to be part of a broader ethnic cleansing campaign by the ( RSF) aimed at eliminating the non-Arab Masalit community in West Darfur.

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