Abiye: importance of sustainable security in Sudan

Sudan Events – Follow up

The Ethiopian prime minister Abiye Ahmed has welcomed the visit of the President of the Sovereign Council, Lt Gen Abdul Fatah Al Burhan which he said comes within the context of boosting the bilateral relations between the two countries

The prime minister has underlined the keenness of his country for sustainability of security and stability in the Sudan, stressing the need for brining together efforts and complementing initiatives and boosting them so as to end the war in the Sudan and ensure stability and security in the Sudan and the region at large.

Burhan has meanwhile briefed the Ethiopian prime minister on the efforts taken by the government to achieve a ceasefire and end the war in the country, renewing the cooperation of the Sudanese government with all efforts and initiatives seeking to find a solution for the crisis the Sudan is witnessing. He referred to the AU-IGAD, USA and Saudi initiative.

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