Burhan meets AU Commission Chair

Sudan Events – Tilal Mudathir

The President of the Sovereign Council, Lt Gen Abdul Fatah Al Burhan on Wednesday received at his residence in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Wednesday the African Union commission chair, Moussa Fakki

The Sudan News Agency said the meeting focused on the current situation in the Sudan and the efforts exerted to find a solution for the crisis in the Sudan

Gen Burhan briefed the AU commission chair about the developments in the Sudan at the background of the rebellion led by the Rapid Support terrorist militia and its targeting for the civilians and public utilities and establishments as well as the horrendous inhuman violations it committed against innocent civilians

Burhan has underlined the commitment of the Sudanese government t and its cooperation with all initiatives that have been submitted to remedy this question, commending at the same time the efforts exerted by the United states of America and Saudi Arabia in Jeddah Forum with the aim of resolving the problem, as well as the efforts of the African union and those of IGAD, all pouring into sustainability of peace and stability

It is to be noted that relations between the Sudan and African Union hit the bottom following the meeting held by the African Union commission with an advisor for the rebel Rapid Forces in Ethiopia, an act the Sudan has denounced and considered as serious violation for the rules and principles of the continental organization as well as that of all international organizations which are gathering for sovereign countries and that there was no place in those gatherings for rebel and terrorist criminal militias.

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