A Sudanese presidential envoy in Mozambique

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The President of Mozambique has expressed keenness on the most recent developments in the Sudan, pinpointing to the place and role Sudan enjoys in the region and expressed regret over the events that are currently taking place in the country, including the systematic destruction of the country’s potentials and resources.

He said Sudan has the full support of his country and that his government would coordinate and complement efforts at all regional and international fora, particularly at ate level of the UN Security Council of which Mozambique enjoys membership so that security stability and peace are achieved in the Sudan

The Mozambique president received on Thursday Lieutenant general Ibrahim Jabir, member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council and the presidential Envoy who arrived in Maputo carrying a written message from Lieutenant General Abdul Fatah al Burhan, the president of the Sovereign Council, explaining the ongoing developments in the country and the efforts exerted by the Sudanese government to deal with the repercussions of the rebellion authored by the militia rapid support forces terrorist group against people, civilian properties and public utilities.

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