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Stand for Sudanese Artists Initiative, launched

Khartoum – Sudan Events

Action for Hope and Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy) are launching an initiative to support Sudanese artists and protect cultural resources in Sudan.
The initiative was launched two months after the outbreak of the war which resulted in death, injury and displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, including a large number of artists and writers who lost their homes, properties, and livelihoods, besides those injured or killed.
This war also caused the demolishing of countless cultural resources, including collections of artworks, libraries and archives featuring important materials. Notwithstanding that considerable number of resources are still at risk of destruction and looting.
This initiative comprises different components, such as providing support to artists and writers who have been directly affected by the war, identifying and documenting the cultural and artistic resources at risk in Sudan and exploring ways to protect them, providing workplaces and meeting spaces for Sudanese artists who had to leave Sudan recently, and training a group of cultural actors from Sudan and South Sudan on protecting cultural rights in times of war and crisis.

This initiative is the result of solidarity among several organizations, including the DOEN Foundation in the Netherlands and PEN America’s Artists at Risk Connection. It is also the result of a collaboration between a number of cultural organizations in the Arab region, including Sudan Film Factory, the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF), Ettijahat(Trends) – Independent Culture, and the Sudan Artist Fund (SAF).
The initiative will announce the start of its different activities, and the relevant information will be published soon.

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