Arab Authority: Resuming activities depends on peace realization


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The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development AAAID has halted its activities in Khartoum and its projects have been affected in many Sudanese states. The authority has affirmed its desire to resume investment activity upon cessation of the current fighting in the country and the return of economic and political stability.
The authority has said when the war ends and security and stability return in Khartoum state, then it will rehabilitate the damaged assets and take up activities of companies that contribute, through its exports, to help contribute in bridging the food gap in many Arab countries.
Mohamed bin Obaid Al-Mazrouei, head of the Authority for, on Sunday said the Authority’s buildings and investments in Khartoum have been hugely damaged and it incurred huge losses, but they could not able to accurately make an inventory at the moment due to the difficulties of accessing the head office and the said assets for the time being. He pointed out that the AAAID investments outside the Khartoum are operating with difficulty, as economic activities have been affected added to this the difficulty to obtain fuels and production inputs.
He added that the AAAID is to follow up with the companies in which it contributes outside Khartoum State to preserve its assets, continue its activities, and assist it in achieving the work.
It is worth noting that the AAAID total investments in Sudan amount to $347 million representing about 63% of its total investment.

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