Farmers Reluctant to Cultivate fearing Losses


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

A number of agricultural crop producers expressed fear of sustaining losses due to lack of marketing because of the current war conditions, of which Khartoum state is out of the consumption cycle that leading to accumulation of products in production areas. This in turn has led to dramatic drop in prices, and subsequently huge losses for producers on most of their produce be they fruits, vegetables, dates, oranges, or sorghum and corn of all types.
They called on competent authorities to work out a solution, provide alternatives, and look for external markets, storage or manufacturing options.
The farmers have warned during (Food and Development Forum) held on Sunday against the risk of lacking a market for produce which, they argued, make farmers reluctant to cultivate as they would be sure to make huge losses as producers.
They pointed out that famers hope to be able to come out with as minimum loss as possible this season
They also proposed that the country look into the exporting corn but they pointed out that this has to do with steps to be taken by the minister for agriculture who has to address the cabinet one issue and take the measures required

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