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Filmmaking by children, for Children

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“Filmmaking for Children Initiative” is a Sudanese inventiveness to train children from different backgrounds on filmmaking skills which include story writing, script, dialogue, photography, acting for the film, editing, sound techniques, music and effects, makeup, lighting, production and directing – in an atmosphere surrounded by the spirit of teamwork.

The initiative was launched on the seventh of January 2015 in Khartoum, Sudan, with 14 boys and girls as trainees in the 11 to 16 years’ age group.
Mosaab Hassouna Sudanese Arts, Film making for Children Initiative told Sudan Events that in 2015, he founded, with a number of young people interested in cinema, the (Training Children to Make Film) initiative, through which he contributed to training and qualifying children to produce cinematic films that reflect their ideas and the reality of their societies.

Hassouna said that the initiative aims to develop the film production movement in Sudan in addition to raising children’s awareness about their right to express their opinions and views as stipulated in the principles of children’s rights.

Yasser Faiz is one of the founders of the Children’s Filmmaking Initiative since 2015, he is one of the independent media professionals who work silently and achieve a great results in the cultural arena, especially among young people, especially with children, through the initiative to train children to make films.
“The Children’s Training Initiative is a bold and unique initiative that I have been following since the first step, there is no doubt that it provides a great service to a semi-neglected sector in our country, namely the children’s sector… I am sure that instilling this kind of art in our children is what we really need”, Faiz said.
“I hope that the experience will continue and we will see our children in the near future as stars of professional film work. Salutes to Musab and the rest of the creative team as they offer their capabilities and expertise for free “he added

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