Kiir receives FFC representatives in Juba


Sudan Event / Talal Muddathir

A delegation from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC- Central Council) will head to the capital of South Sudan, Juba, Monday, for a meeting in response to a previous invitation from the President of the South, Salva Kiir Mayardit, to brief him and explain their vision on how to stop the war and launch a political process.
Salva Kiir had earlier extended an invitation to the Freedom and Change Alliance for a meeting on the twenty-first of last October, but the date was changed as it coincided with the encounter of the preparatory meeting of the Civil Front to Stop the War and Restoration of Democracy, “Progress,” in Addis Ababa. The new date set was in November.
The visit comes, it was earlier stated by the official spokesman for the Justice and Equality Movement, Hassan Ibrahim, as one of the outcomes of the recent consultative meeting of the peace parties that was held in Juba, where it was agreed that President Salva Kiir would invite all Sudanese political forces and sit with them to find out their vision on ending the war and launching a political process as well as discussion of issued related to humanitarian work.
The FFC delegation to Juba is expected to include Al-Digair, Taha Osman, Khaled Omar Yousif, Kamal Boulad, Babiker Faisal, Al-Wathig Al-Birair, and a number of members of the Executive Office. This meeting will be followed by another meeting for the coalition forces and the rest of the political forces in Sudan.

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