Finance Ministry Sets Policies for Winter Season 

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

A meeting of Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Gabriel Ibrahim, held today, Monday, discussed the winter season preparation and stressed the need to reform the irrigation system and provide it with the resources to be able to clear the canals for the success of agricultural operations

The meeting also emphasized the importance of applying same mechanisms that produced the success of summer season and to set clear policies regarding restrictions on mortgaging state assets to finance the agricultural season. It recommended that state assets be classified into groups to facilitate mortgage process if necessary.

The meeting has meanwhile got assured of the success of the summer season and the abundant production expected after the harvest operations despite the war situation, in addition to identifying the needs of the winter season in the national projects (Al-Gazera, Al-Rahad, Halfa, Al-Sukei regard to cultivated areas, seeds, fertilizer (dab and urea), and fuel, as well as checking financing. It was agreed to develop a specific strategy and policies for the success of the winter season in terms of financing conditions and guarantees through commercial banks, financing small farmers, and linking financing to the use of improved seeds and technical packages with the continuation of agricultural extension operations in order to increase productivity per acre.

It was pointed out that it is necessary to enter into large partnerships, in addition to farmers entering into companies that use modern technology in order to increase production

Providing a profitable return for farmers. He also emphasized the importance of encouraging commercial banks to engage in financing the agricultural season according to specific incentives.

While the Minister of Finance stressed the importance of concerted joint efforts and continuing committee meetings to overcome obstacles to succeed the agricultural season.

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