Red Flag: deterioration of kidney Patients health status

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The administrative director of the dialysis center in Al-Barqiq, Northern State, Dr. Dathar Awad Al-Karim has warned of the deterioration in the health situation of kidney patients because of the lack as well as the high costs of medicines during the war.
Awad Al-Karim pointed out to the lack of EPREX injections, which have not reached dialysis centers before the outbreak of war, pointing out that, the average need is (8) injections per month.
He told (Sudan Events) that the prices of one injection (if found) ranges between 16,000 to 7,500 SD.
He indicated that these drugs reach the dialysis centers in the northern state via the National Center for Kidney Diseases and Surgery but that today obtaining these drugs becomes the responsivity of the patient who fetch them in the black market
He added that most patients’ financial conditions do not help them afford the costs of these injections.
The Federal Ministry of Health had issued instructions to the centers to get the required medicines from the Committee for Distribution of Donations and Grants, but the directives were not implemented.
He indicated that the cost of 1,000 washes for dialysis patients with all their inputs exceeded 16 million pounds, saying that the official authorities provided the basic consumables

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