Killing and Burning of civilians in Abyei

Sudan Event/Talal Muddathir

A statement issued by “Police Kosh Agwar” – the spokesman for the South Sudanese authorities in “Abyei” the disputed area between Sudan and South Sudan – has revealed that bloody clashes took place in the areas resulting in many death and injury among civilians on Sunday
Military forces, which local residents said were dressed as South Sudanese soldiers, attacked the area, killing 32 people, including women, children, and a UN soldier affiliated to the security force stationed in the area.
The UN Security Council recently agreed to extend the mission of the international force in Abyei, consisting of 4,000 soldiers, for the twelfth consecutive year since 2011, pending the resolution of the current dispute over the oil-rich region between the two neighboring countries is resolved.
The official added in the statement that children and women were burned alive in their huts, while more than 20 people were injured.
The United Nations Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Hannah Tetteh, recently expressed her fear that the ongoing battles in Sudan would have spell over across the borders to South Sudan and Abyei, which would contribute to the explosion of the security situation.

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