Over five million come to Gazira for treatment

Sudan Events- Nahed Oshi

The governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Osman, launched the state’s Appeal to get out of the crisis that the country is going through by providing support and assistance to people who are undergoing difficult economic circumstances because of the ongoing war in the county.
The head of the Emergency Chamber in the state, Muhammad Younis Sharafeddine, has described the initiative launched by the governor as described Social Epic and that it would be a step into cementing the support people provide for one another until they are able to pass the current situation that has worked on the people psychologically, materially and morally.
The Minister of Social Development in the state of Gezira Fath Rahman called on Humanitarian Aid Commission to register the initiative for provision of support to people in need in Khartoum state as it would be one of the sources for voluntary and humanitarian action. He also directed organizations and national and international organizations operating in the Sudan to provide all the necessary help and cooperate with the Khartoum Appeal
He announced during a meeting with the delegation of the initiative that Gazira state received (5,500,000) people coming from Khartoum from Khartoum expatriates from Khartoum state, they are in the state’s shelter camps, providing them with all vital services since the outbreak of war in mid-April.
On the other hand, a member of the initiative, Wasilla Abbas, gave a detailed explanation of the objectives of the initiative in support of the Khartoum Appeal, and work to provide urgent humanitarian and relief assistance to the needy by urging international and national organizations, capital, media professionals and institutions to support and support the appeal.

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