Current War Impact On Business

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Member of the Sudanese Businessmen Union Eng.Ali Kambal, has revealed that businessmen Union and industrial sector have sustained huge losses due to the ongoing war between the Sudanese army SAF and the Rapid Support Forces RSF Militia, affecting the national capital,
Kambal, member of the Industrial Chambers of CEO of Al-Dhahabi Company Limited, has however said he considered these losses sacrifices for the sake of the Nation.
Kambal welcomed the decision of the Ministry of Industry allowing transfer of factories to secured states or abroad. He told the (Sudan Events) that he sees this move as a successful decision regardless of the pre-conditions set by the governor for the transfer of factories. He described these preconditions as impossible, but said he recognized they were aimed to protect due rights and to make sure that proof of ownership is duly ascertained prior to any transfer step.
Though Kambal has welcomed the decision allowing transfer of factories and heavy equipment, he still expressed desire and eagerness as industrialist to continue working in Khartoum despite the war conditions, thus contribute in moving forwards Sudan’s national economy.
He pointed out that transferring factories from Khartoum is costly and expensive, but acknowledged importance of operating them and creating job opportunities.

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