Egypt: Residence Permits Fees in Dollars

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The Egyptian (Passport and Immigration) authorities stipulated that residence fees for foreigners residing in its territories be collected in dollars instead of the Egyptian pound, provided that (25-26) dollars per passport be remitted to Egyptian banks or ATMs in exchange for the Egyptian pound. A number of Sudanese residing in Egypt announced their inability to provide dollars and in the meantime, they pointed out the necessity of obtaining residence permit in order to avoid any legal penalties resulting from the violation of presence in Egyptian territory without identification papers (residence card). A number of them said to (Sudan Events): We cannot afford to provide residence permits’ expenses that exceed our financial resources, as the person must provide a certified rental contract which costs about a thousand Egyptian pounds, in addition to between 25 and 26 dollars brought from the parallel market (pursued by the authorities). In addition to providing a letter from the Sudanese embassy and a valid passport.

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