Morocco: Establishment of Third Mining Factory

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The Minister of Minerals, Mohamed Bashir Abu Namo, has pledged to resolve challenges facing mining companies and local and foreign investors operating in domain of mining in the Sudan.
Abu Namo referred during his meeting with the Director of the Moroccan Manob Mining Company (Friday), Karim Hawari, to the facilities provided by the various arms of the ministry to companies and investors.
Abu Namo called on companies to exert more efforts to increase production and support the state treasury.
The Minister has meanwhile renewed the ministry’s support for Manob Mining Company, and pledged to remove all intersections that the company faces in the Qabqaba area, in addition to facilitating the import of equipment and materials used in gold extraction, in coordination with the relevant authorities in the government.
The Director of the Manob Mining Company, Karim Hawari, has meanwhile revealed that his company is currently working to establish a third mining factory within the framework of partnerships with large, financing international companies. Hawari stressed the company’s commitment to implementing all environmental conditions and to preserve the due rights of local communities hosting mining activity.

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