Islamic values at Expo

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The organizing committee of Expo 2023 Doha Horticultural Exhibition continued to introduce visitors to the exhibition to Islamic and Arab values through qualitative interactive activities, consistent with its assertion that the exhibition in its current version has a Qatari character stemming from its Arab-Islamic identity.
The event “Writing the names of visitors in Arabic calligraphy” in the vicinity of the State of Qatar’s pavilion in the international zone of the exhibition, which carries the slogan “Green Desert… A Better Environment,” attracted a large segment of the global event audience of all nationalities to stand in queues in front of an expert in Arabic calligraphy to write their names on a white piece of paper with the logo of the organizing committee for Expo 2023 Doha, to commemorate the visit to the exhibition and to introduce the beauty of Arabic calligraphy.
This simple activity succeeded in attracting the attention of visitors from nearly 80 countries participating in the exhibition, with visitors from Turkey, Italy, China, Japan and others in the lead, in addition to visitors of Arab nationalities, of course.

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