Canadian Justice investigates crimes against Sudanese

Sudan Events-Follow-ups
 Former Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General Irwin Cotler sounded the alarm on Monday, highlighting the genocide crimes taking place in Darfur, western Sudan.
 The former Canadian minister said through his organization and center for human rights, (Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights) that the raging civil war in Sudan led to the death of 10,000 people and the displacement of nearly six million from their homes.
 He warned that the threat of genocide and crimes against humanity was imminent.  “The unimaginable has become possible again,” “This time, no one can say, we didn’t know.”
 The Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights, an international organization made up of parliamentarians, scholars, jurists, human rights defenders and non-governmental organizations, announced the broadcast of a series of episodes on Darfur that sheds light on the genocide crimes that occur there, prepared by international experts in the field of genocide and human rights and atrocities prevention to alert the global community to what is happening in Darfur.
 The European Union issued a statement today about the crisis in Sudan and the crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing, expressing its deep concern about the situation in Sudan and warning of the danger of its development.

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