Thousands cases of infringement on public funds

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The official police spokesperson, Brigadier General Fath al-Rahman Muhammad al-Toum, announced that the total number of stolen vehicle reports to date has reached (28) thousand (804) reports, out of a total of (38) thousand (720) reports that were opened during the period from the first of June 2023 until now.
He explained in a press statement (Monday) that the police recorded (51) reports related to the discovery of unknown vehicles, and he explained that reports of trespassing on money amounted to (9) thousand (696) reports, including (7) thousand (219) reports of looting and (2) One thousand (157) reports of theft and (317) reports of damage. The official police spokesman explained that reports of self-assault amounted to (41) reports, including (31) reports of serious harm, (7) cases of murder, a report of kidnapping, and a report of sexual assault, while reports of missing persons reached (128) reports, and he appealed to citizens to report via the platform. “Report”.

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