Complaints about Slow Procedures at Customs Station

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Drivers of vehicles exporting to Egypt through the Abu Hamad border customs station complained about the slow procedures and their 15-day stay to enter the Egyptian border. They confirmed during their talk to “Sudan Events” that the matter caused an accumulation of goods, and they appealed to the Sudanese and Egyptian authorities to reopen the Abu Hamad station, facilitate the procedures and allow entry of Sudanese goods to Egypt, in addition to the complaint of loading and off-loading workers (stevedores) that they have lost much of what they previously earned. The worker, Mohamed Zain, pointed out that they are now receiving 3,000 pounds per day, and he considered it very weak. He attributed this to the weakness of daily work, and described it as almost stopping.
According to information, the movement of imports and exports through the Abu Hamad station has decreased significantly since 2018, and the imports have become only plastic products, while more than 200 vehicles loaded with agricultural produce exported to Egypt arrive at the Abu Hamad enclosure daily.

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