MHE Demands Payment of Entitlements

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The Minister of Higher Education, Professor Mohamed Hassan Dahab, conducted shuttle tours to search for ways and mechanisms to activate the payment of financial entitlements to employees of institutions of higher education and scientific research before the end of this year.
He confirmed after his meeting with the Vice- President of the Transitional Sovereign Council (STC) – Malik Agar, Lieutenant General Mohamed Al-Ghali Ali – Secretary-General of the STC, and Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance, in addition to the Salaries Committee for Employees of Educational Institutions, stressed during these meetings the importance of the state fulfilling the financial dues of the employees of those institutions so that the educational process continues in them after the STC and Ministers directed the resumption of studies in the states unaffected by war.
During these meetings, Professor Dahab confirmed the completion of his ministry’s arrangements to implement plans aimed at opening and starting academic activities in higher education institutions, indicating their full interest and keenness on the stability and continuation of the educational process.

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