Sabotage Stops Sudan’s Oil Pumping

Sudan Event – Talal Muddathir

The Rapid Support Militia (RSF) and the Arab militias allied with it continued their crimes and attacks on public facilities and oil installations in Darfur and Kordofan.
A massive sabotage operation carried out by rebel elements yesterday, Sunday, at the “Um Adara” station, operated by Petro-energy Company, in West Kordofan state, leading to total halt of the pumping process from the Balila oil field.
The disorderly elements who invaded the station started “breaking the operation valves, stealing the crude flowing from the pipelines, and looting the spare parts store of the station, causing chaos in the administrative offices of the technical crews, causing the entire pumping station to stop working.
Umm Adara station plays an important role in the process of transporting crude oil, as it undertakes the task of increasing the pumping pressure in the line coming from “Balila” field to meet the line coming from “Heglig”. The looting and planned destruction that took place resulted in work stoppage yesterday, Sunday .
Petro-energy is responsible for operating the Balila oil field, which is a joint stock company between the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) and SUDAPET, representing the government of Sudan. The field extends through the states of West Kordofan, South Kordofan and East Darfur downstream and the states of South and North Kordofan and Khartoum up stream between Longitudes 28-47 east and 36-21 west, and latitudes 11-54 north and 10-33 south. It includes within it a number of localities and large cities such as the city of Al-Fula, Al-Muglad, Babanusa, Al-Obeid, Abu Zubad, Umm Sayala, Adila and Abu Jabra.

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