Campaign: Eradicating Mining Discrepancies

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited (SMRC) has promised to continue fighting the negative repercussions that threaten the environment from mining. The office of the Mineral Resources Company in the northern state organized campaigns to control thiourea mixers in coordination with the Mining Security and Mineral Economics Police. The director of the SMRC’s office in the northern state, Abdul Rahman Al-Nadeef, said that the campaigns to control the mixers resulted in about the seizure of 10 mixers, a washing basin, and a quantity of carbon materials used in extraction in the Dalgo area, indicating that reports were filed at the Dalgo Police Department against violators. Al-Nadif noted the seizure of 7 mixers inside a farm in the East Nile Unit, and extraction materials covering all the markets of the northern state to increase revenues, tighten control, and preserve the environment and safety of miners. The director of the company’s office in the northern state appreciated the efforts made by the Mineral Economics Security Department, the Mining Insurance Police, and the Environment and Safety Department in the northern state office in fighting mixers and preserving human and environmental safety.

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