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The International Monetary Fund( IMF ) revealed a new classification of the strongest economy in Africa, in which Egypt ranked first. The IMF based its classification on two basic indicators: domestic product data and purchasing power parity in the country.
According to the report published by the specialized website “Insider Monkey”, based on data from the IMF, and according to the classification, the 4 largest economies Africa, Egypt is the strongest economy.
The GDP is 1.87 trillion US dollars in 2023, and the per capita GDP in Egypt is 17,120 US dollars.
Nigeria, is one of the largest oil producers in Africa, follows in second place. Its GDP is estimated at $1.37 trillion in 2023 and the country’s per capita GDP is $6,150.
Then South Africa comes in the third with a gross domestic product estimated at $997.44 billion in 2023 and a per capita GDP of $16,210.
Algeria came in the fourth place, one of the largest economies in Africa, classified according to power parity, purchasing per capita GDP in the country is $13,680. The GDP of Algeria is 628.99. Billion dollars in 2023.

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