Gazira University Initiative Submits 250 Recommendations

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The University of Gezira has completed its initiative on how to resolve the current Sudanese crisis, approving 250 recommendations in the initiative’s five axes.
The workshop included five workshops held at the university’s headquarters in Madani including the political crisis and the prospects for a solution and a workshop on social approaches to the Sudanese crisis.
A workshop entitled “Sudanese Economy: Challenges and Solutions” was also held, in addition to a workshop on Sudanese media issues and problems, a workshop on war and peace issues, in addition to lectures delivered on the impact of culture on shaping cultural conscience. The recommendations drew a roadmap on how to achieve security, stability and development in Sudan and proposed practical and scientific solutions to resolve the Sudanese crisis.
Dr. Tijani Al-Nour Al-Bashir, Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira (Sudan Event), said that the initiative embodied the university’s role towards the homeland, community leadership, bridging the gap between scientific and political institutions and decision-makers.
For its part, the university administration began to implement the recommendations of the initiative to establish a center for decision support and strategic planning, stressing that real reform of the country begins with universities and research centers.
In a related context, Dr. Farouk Babiker, Vice Chairman of the Initiative Committee, said that the initiative accommodated the national responsibility of the university and enhanced its objectives towards serving community issues to reach a formula agreed upon by all Sudanese people for achieving development, security and stability.
He pointed to the multiplicity of actors in the Sudanese crisis, both internal and external, and that the main feature of the elements of the crisis is the power struggle and religious conflict.

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