New Partnership for Gazira Poultry Industry

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In a new development for the industry of poultry, the private sector has entered into a new partnership when it signed an agreement to operate and develop the poultry slaughterhouse in the Wad-Balal area of the Gazira state, central Sudan.
Subul Global Services Company and Wad Balal for Investment and Rural Development signed an agreement to operate and develop work in the poultry slaughterhouse in Wad Balal area in Gezira state.
The agreement stipulated that the two parties will enter into a partnership to operate the slaughterhouse and to develop its work in the production and marketing aspects in accordance with the study that was carried out by the the two parties on the foundations and rules of cooperation .
The project aims to raise the production capacity of the slaughterhouse in two phases from its current capacity to go up, in the first phase, from 30,000 birds per month to 100,000 birds per month, while the production capacity will be increased in the second phase from 100,000 birds to more than 150,000 birds per month.
According to the agreement, the contract will be valid for a year, starting from December this year.
The General Manager of Subul Company confirmed after the signing ceremony Thursday that this agreement comes within the framework of interest in the poultry industry and to help supplying the local market with Sudanese products at this stage, then moving towards exporting abroad.
He said that this slaughterhouse will witness a huge development in all aspects required according to technical studies prepared by experts in the field of poultry industry.

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