Sudan: RSF Brings Currency Printing Machines

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The Rapid Support militia (RSF), engaged in a heated war against the government army in Sudan, has continued its systematic destruction of the Sudanese economy, which is already facing troubles and difficulties.
Exclusive information obtained by “Sudan Events” from Darfur on Thursday revealed that RSF handed over the salaries of its soldiers in a newly printed, counterfeit Sudanese currency of one thousand pounds.
The Central Bank of Sudan had previously announced, before the outbreak of war, the counterfeiting of the 500-pound currency and introduced a new banknote to counter the risk of counterfeiting. It also worked to renew the security mark of the thousand-pound note as an indication of the weakness of the security mark of the Sudanese currency and it was circulated in some markets. This led to a clear increase in liquidity in some places and caused a fluctuation in prices.
The source has revealed that the counterfeit currency is printed using counterfeit equipment brought by the RSF specifically to meet the disbursement of the soldiers’ salaries and to entice more men to join it there, as the salary of one person in the “Abu Zabed” area amounts to one million Sudanese pounds – the equivalent of one thousand US dollars, which was delivered to them yesterday.
The people are suffering from deteriorating economic conditions as a result of the repercussions of the war between the army and the RSF. According to economists, this type of negative practices is exhausting for the Sudanese economy, raising the rate of inflation and pushing it to slide further into the abyss.

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