Atbara Chamber of Commerce Confronts War Repercussions

Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The Secretary General of the Atbara Chamber of Commerce, Saif Al-Din Mogled, revealed the outcomes of the chamber’s meeting with the Acting Minister of Animal Resources to advance investment, commercial, industrial, and pastoral paths, and the multiple fields of production, as the state is rich with its agricultural and animal resources and industrial raw materials that the it needs in order to establish projects for achieving self-sufficiency.
He said in a statement to (Sudan Events) that the meeting took on board the gap that occurred and the shortage in the products that people need for their food security, indicating that products come as a priority to achieve sufficiency. He explained that imbalance occurred as a result of the gap that occurred as a cause of the ongoing war destroyed everything green and dry, and created the shortages and gaps in all products (commercial, industrial and agricultural), from which people suffered a lot and have become a worry for households. He added that all concerned in the matter in the state must focus on working as one hand to find all effective solutions and possible treatments by advancing all the capabilities available in the state and attracting various investments aspects, including investment in the field of poultry and its products and specialized feed factories, and establishing distinguished model farms with high productivity that help provide poultry and its products of eggs and broiler chicken, providing them sufficiently, and then exporting the surplus locally or regionally. He said this requires a renaissance that includes anything, including the establishment or rehabilitation of all land, sea and air export ports.
The two sides agreed to actively seek effective assistance until the comprehensive renaissance in the state is achieved, which is will reflect in a comprehensive renaissance for the whole nation.

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