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A film Magazine Issue, January 2024

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The Sudan Film Institute announced the issuance of a film magazine entitled: “Cinema subtitles” a magazine specialized in cinematic culture translated from multiple languages, issues in PDF format, and distributed free of charge. The magazine runs news, articles, reviews, studies, research, and scenarios…
The Sudan Film Institute indicated that the magazine receives contributions translated from any language, with reference to the original sources (preferably newly written).
SFI stressed that the contribution is voluntary and available to everyone.
The first beta issue is expected to come out in January 2024.
It includes a file on the French cinematographer and artist Agnès Varda on the occasion of the exhibition celebrating her at the French Cinematheque in Paris.
The institute called on all journalists, critics, and translators to contribute to this first-of-its-kind initiative in Arab and African cinematic culture.

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